Hollypop Project

Hollypop is born to combine my two passions: Cinema (topic) & Marketing (the background work)

A daily work of


I’ve been working on this project for two years.

Working on the field daily allows me to refine my skills and grow constantly as a social media manager and marketer.

Below are the results and skills I have acquired over time.

Editorial Plan & Content Creation

For an effective presence and the creation of engaging content through relevant content and videos that capture the attention of the target audience with care in the use of transitions, sounds, and hooks.

Branding, Positioning, SWOT Analysis & Benchmark Analysis

To give a brand image, to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and to always distinguish ourselves from competitors.

Data Analysis, Content Performance & Community Management

Analysis of metrics such as engagement rate, number of likes, comments, and shares, or average video view duration, to understand trends and optimization opportunities.

Community management for responding to comments, in direct messages, and to better understand the audience.

Growth over time


Instagram, Tik Tok &...

Twitter / X & Threads

Trend analysis, content planning, concise and creative writing, monitoring and analysis of metrics, use of suitable formats, and much more for a successful Twitter profile/X or Threads

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